did you know?

did you know? personality test 1

THE DREAM GAME – the game that reveals the TRUE YOU

Take notes of your answers to the questions. Interpretation keys available in “solutions”.

A       Imagine you are sleeping. You dream of your ideal house.  What is it like?

B       Now imagine that you are walking along a road and you see a glass or cup on the ground. What is it like, and what does it contain?

C       You are now inside a wood. You walk until you find a building in the middle of a clearing. What is the building like?

D       There is a garden around this building. Can you describe it?

E       You continue walking and leave the wood. You come to a wall, which is very high and very long. There is a small door in the wall. It opens. What do you do?

F       There is water on the other side of the wall. Describe it.


2 thoughts on “did you know? personality test 1

  1. A: my ideal house is on a small island in a Finnish lake in the middle of the woods.
    B: It is a mug and it is empty, laying on its side.
    C: It is a big castle with a tower in the center, the castle is impressive with a very big door.
    D: The garden is surrounded by a wall, in this garden there are many species of fantasy animals, such as unicorns, black lions etc.
    E: I go inside and there are evil species of fantasy animals … because they hate the sun.
    F:it is a small lake where there are nymphs and reeds.

  2. Thank you very much for your post, Matteo… your answers are very interesting. Well done.
    Now if you open the category “solutions” you will find the keys to interpret your dream game… then let us know what the results are 🙂

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