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vocabulary builder: edublogs

Nowadays neologisms are formed to meet the needs of a technologically fast- forward oriented society.  So while a blog is a “web log” (that is, a web site that can contain any type of data entries, often in the form of a diary), an “edublog” is an “educational blog” (that is, a web site  that has a didactic aim – remember that the word “education” is a false friend, as it means “istruzione” in English, and not “educazione/buone maniere”). Similarly, the neologism “edutainment”, formed by the two words “education” and “entertainment”, refers to computer games that are designed to be educational and entertaining at the same time.

The following wordlist is of course not complete, but I hope it will be useful.

It contains some of the words that you may (or not) use when talking about edublogs.

Words as nouns

education, advantage, disadvantage, practice, opportunity, communication, IT (information technology), blog, internet (web, net), activity, spare time, expectation, hope, trust

or verbs

learn, teach, memorize, practise, study, listen to, read, enjoy, spend (more or less) time on, become familiar with, revise, improve, remember, understand, forget, expect, hope

and adjectives like

helpful, useful, easy, difficult, exciting, different, encouraging

Don’t forget these useful phrases to express your opinion

I think that

In my opinion

According to me

I agree/disagree with

I hope that

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