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what’s new: hi there!

It really seems I’ve finally made it… so now this is for you to enjoy, dear students of mine, guests or passers-by!!!

Please have a look at the blog guidelines page in order to have a clearer idea of how this edublog has been organised.

This (first) week’s activities include:

– a personality test in the category “did you know?”

– a funny joke in “fun”

– some quotations to enjoy in “quotable quotes”

– a suggestion for a writing activity in the “creative writing” page

– a suggested topic to be discussed in “themes and issues

– a wordlist for the discussion and a vocabulary activity in “vocabulary builder”

As far as the NETtips section is concerned, please enjoy as a hearty welcome from me the video of the song that has inspired the title of this edublog:

Learning to Fly by PINK FLOYD

In this section you will also find

– a link to a very funny and entertaining “hangmanonline game (see also “contributions” page)

– different links concerning the musical choice of the week, “Cry baby cry” by Beatles (see also “contributions” page)  – the links include the lyrics of the song on video (sing it!!!), “The Beatles” on Wikipedia, the Beatles’ official website, some exercises on a text about John Lennon and a link to the city of Liverpool website

– a link to pronunciation activities at BBC English

– a link to a documentary on Cell Biology

– some hints and a suggested activity for the video on Cell Biology

You don’t have to do all the activities, nor do them all in one day.

Use, abuse (but not misuse!), criticise, analyse, love, like, exploit, exercise, practise, operate, consume, utilize, adopt, adapt, convert, control, enjoy, monopolize, grip, clasp, catch, grasp, grab, steal, kidnap, dislike, hate this blog… but interact with it in a way or another… and remember that every Monday there will be new links and activities to enjoy!!!

Please forgive me for any imperfection (either technical or – why not? after all nobody is perfect! – linguistical) you may notice in this edublog. Believe me… I didn’t do it on purpose ;-)!

What I will be really looking forward to is your feedback… so please let me know if the activities are too easydifficultinterestingboringetc and post me your “wish list” for any topic you might want to deal with!

I really hope you have fun

teacher b.


One thought on “what’s new: hi there!

  1. This site is very nice, there are a lot of news and is a new way to do English lessons 😀

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