solutions: “can I have a body, please?”

The correct matchings are…

beauty case                                                             vanity case

footing                                                                        jogging

autogrill                                                                     motorway café

slip                                                                               underpants/knickers

scotch                                                                         sello-tape

boxer                                                                          boxer shorts

jolly                                                                             joker

autostop                                                                    hitch-hiking

smoking                                                              dinner jacket (tuxedo Am.)

tight                                                                          morning suit

body                                                                         cat suit/leotard

camping                                                                  campsite

golf                                                                            jumper

plaid                                                                         travelling rug

spider (car)                                                           convertible

spot                                                                          commercial

toast                                                                         toasted sandwich

parking                                                                    car park

flipper                                                                      pin-ball machine

box                                                                            lock-up garage

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