solutions: the dream game – interpretation keys

To all of you who have done this test, here are the interpretation keys…

A       The house

It is the idea you have of yourself. An old house very likely means that you like traditions. A large house that you are quite confident. Optimistic people have houses filled with light, while pessimistic people have dark houses. How many rooms are there in your ideal house? This is the number of people you want in your life.

B       The cup or glass

It is your idea of love. A beautiful and valuable cup or glass means that love is very  important for you and that you are a very romantic person. What the cup/glass contains refers to your experiences of love so far.

C       The building

It refers to your idea of religion and of God. If you have a strong belief then probably your building is very strong. If you haven’t, the building is probably a ruin.

D       The garden

It is your idea of the world around you. The greener and richer it is, with lots of different plants, flowers and trees, the more you think the world is full of opportunities for you. If it is full of weeds, or abandoned, this may mean that you are facing some problems in this period.

E       The wall

It is your idea of death. Do you think it is the end (and so you decide not to go through the small door) or do you think there is something after it (and you decide to go through the small door)?

F       The water

It is your idea of the future. If you are afraid of the future, the water may resemble a little pool. If you are positive about it, the water may resemble a sea, or an ocean in which you want to swim.

So now, what about the results? What have you learnt about yourself that you didn’t know before?


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