classroom snapshots

classroom snapshots: new heroes

Last week we had a few creative moments during a lesson on English literature…

“From Beowulf to Batman – how has the figure of the hero changed?” had been the students’ homework for that day. After discussing about heroes like Beowulf, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and a couple of others (I’m sorry I can’t remember their names, some strange bionic alchemists, hehe), we had some time left and the class split into groups, each group having to “design” a new hero…

here are the results… who is your favourite?


(created by Miriam, Simona and Cristina)

Tinamy has got very long green straight hair that she uses as a weapon. Her red eyes can burn bad men. She has got a beautiful body and she wears a short black dress with long black boots.

She makes bad men fall in love with her and then kills them.


(created by Michele, Riccardo, Gianpaolo, Giuseppe and Andrea)

Street Shark, whose real name is Paul Shark, can transform himself into a half-human shark whenever he wants to. He is very strong and he can live both on the earth or underwater. He has got enormous jaws. He is more skilled than a shark under water, and more skilled than a human on the earth.

He likes sushi very much.

He is very bad with humans because they want to destroy the waterworld. He comes from the waterworld (the underwater world inhabited by half-fish men).

He is arrogant, self-confident and brave. He has terrible jaws and a superhuman strength.

He was a human being. During a hurricane he fell in the sea and died. The inhabitants of waterworld found him and gave him life again transforming him into a half-shark man.

Now he fights against humans.


(created by Edoardo, Matteo, Massimo, Gianluca and Francesco)

Muscleman wears a red T-shirt, blue shorts and black boots. He is many things: crazy, nervous, self-confident, brave and cunning; he is also ugly, very tall and strong, he can fly and run fast.

He’s got supernatural powers and his weapon is the Sword of Light.

Muscleman is a superhero who comes from the Planet of Light. His mission is to kill the dark aliens who invaded his planet and to save his girlfriend, who has been kidnapped by the King of the Dark.


(created by Simo, Titta and Clary)

She’s 17 years old, she’s tall and thin.

She’s got long black hair and blue eyes.

She wears a short skirt and a T-shirt.

She can run faster than lightning,

she’s even very good at fighting.

She can fly through the sky,

she can swim across a lake.

She has got supernatural hearing

and she’s got a formidable sight.

Tazisma fights against crime

she saves men, women, children and swine

she can take a skyscraper

and throw it to Australia

Tazisma can climb wherever she wants

she’s the only hero that we want!

She’s very strong and very skilled with laser

and when she ends a fight she must eat a pork!

You can see her

only if you need her.


2 thoughts on “classroom snapshots: new heroes

  1. I’m a newcomer to this blog. However this topic was so interesting to me I couldn’t ignore it. My point about the heroes in history and mythology is that they mostly represent the concepts, the ethics and, in general, the CULTURE of a particular population. Latin and Greek people didn’t create Odysseus or Hercules because they had time to spend… These heroes have entire centuries of history and philosophy behind them! The western culture created those figures in order to leave its message and its ideas (in the platonic meaning) forever.
    The USA were born less than 200 years ago. What kind of culture do heroical figures like Spiderman or Batman represent? What’s their message? Are they comparable to heroes like King Arthur?

    • Hi Jonathan, and welcome among us! 🙂
      Your comment is really interesting, and I fully understand your point and share your opinion on the ideals and values that the great civilizations of the past have left to us.
      However, I also think that even Batman, Spiderman, or Superman can be considered heirs of the values represented by King Arthur, or Ulysses and Hercules (and many other heroes of the past), as these modern heroes continue to represent the “good” side of man as opposed to the “evil” side that must be fought and defeated to re-establish order in the world (or in the universe…) 😉

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