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what’s new: week 3

I really hope you all are having some fun with the links and activities suggested in this edublog.

This week a new category has been added to the others: “classroom snapshots” (a  snapshot is a photograph that is taken quickly and rather casually, and the idea is to edit some “snapshots” of my students at work)

This week’s classroom snapshots are  a) the outcomes of a twenty-minute  groupwork on heroes and b) an original story ending for “notes to a sixth-grade self” that Sara has written in 2nd person… don’t forget to vote for the hero you like most and leave a message to Sara!

Zakk is introducing a really lovely song by Led Zeppelin this week, have a look at the video and visit the Led Zeppelin’s official website for more information on this inspiring band.

In the vocabulary building category you will find a post on “linkers”, which I hope you can refer to when writing short compositions on your own.

You will also find some posts and a link to a short video in “fun”, the solution to last week’s quiz, and a new link to “101 things to do in  London”.

have a nice week

teacher b.

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