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what’s new: week 4

First of all, thanks for visiting “us” 🙂

So what’s new on week 4?

TOP theme of this week  is


Our main topics will be

– what your favourite and least favourite colours reveal about your personality

– some colour idioms in English

– learning what colour to wear (or NOT to wear) according to your mood

and, hopefully enough, you will start writing something about yourself..

Don’t miss Zakk’s music tip this week, watch the video “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull!

Find out what a blue moon is in the astronomy link and use the “Blue moon calculator” to discover if there was a blue moon on your day of birth, or when the next blue moon will occur!

Discover the website of the English city of Blackpool and look for the solution to this week’s quiz

Skantaman will suggest a new game to be played online in the next days, so stay tuned!!!

There is a new category!!! It’s called “festivals and traditions”.

As next Sunday is Valentine’s Day, I have chosen some links to follow to…

– make sure you send a Valentine card to someone special in your life…

– follow the recipe by Nigella Lawson and try yourself at baking those delicious Valentine’s cupcakes or Love buns (or ask your mum for help)

– see if you can follow the visual instructions in the video to build an origami beating heart for your sweetheart

– play a Valentine word game

I hope you will enjoy your stay here 😉

have a happy week

teacher b.

2 thoughts on “what’s new: week 4

  1. I succeeded in building the origami beating heart! Thank you very much teacher, my girlfriend will be happy 🙂

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