did you know?

did you know?: bird, horse or muffin?

Here is a fascinating game that helps you to describe people’s personalities or characters.



What is a bird, horse or muffin?

A BIRD is a person who is mostly intuitive, imaginative, light and airy.

A HORSE is a  person who is strong, determined, obstinate, energetic, gets things done efficiently. A worker.

A MUFFIN is a soft, amenable, loveable, gentle, uncomplicated person and can also be foolish.

Every person can be described as being partly composed of a bird, a horse and a muffin.

For instance someone can be described as “one horse and two muffins” (a rather determined person with a touch of gentleness), or “two birds and one muffin” (a very imaginative character but also gentle) and so on.

You can have any combinations as long as their sum is 3.

Now think of yourself and of different people you know and try to describe them as birds, horses or muffins. You only have to add to 3!

Ok, ok, you can start from me if you want, hahaha 😉

5 thoughts on “did you know?: bird, horse or muffin?

  1. I agree with zakk teacher; maybe you are also a muffin but you show more the first two :-). About me, I think I am one bird, one horse and one muffin, if it is possible…do you agree?

  2. Mmh… not really ryder… I’d say you’re rather “horse-ish” and “bird-ish”, but no muffin either…
    Anyway, I think I know why neither of us can see any “muffin side” in the other hehe…
    I think that all of us – I (as a teacher) and both of you (as students) – do not easily show all the aspects of our personality in everyday class activity, or we show it in ways which are not always perceived or recognised as “muffin”… the relationship between one single person (teacher) and a whole class is different… they have very very limited chances to get to know each other well 🙂

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