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vocabulary builder: LOL? ROFL!

Each of us laughs in a different way. What’s more, each of us seems to prefer one vowel… so that very often we hear people laughing in one of these ways…

hahaha         uhuhuh          ihihihih             hehehe            buahah      hohoho

Just as in the Italian language, there are verbs in English that refer to a particular way of laughing… here are some of them:

  • laugh: show that you’re happy by making a sound
  • chuckle: laugh quietly, like when you remember or are thinking about something funny
  • giggle: laugh quietly and repeatedly because you are nervous or embarrassed
  • chortle: give a loud chuckle of pleasure or amusement
  • roar / howl / shriek with laughter: laugh very loudly
  • guffaw: laugh noisily

The following are some idiomatic expressions:

  • burst into laughter: start laughing
  • die laughing: laugh really a lot
  • be in hysterics: to continue laughing, unable to stop
  • laugh one’s head off:  laugh loudly and for a long time

The following also refer to laughing but have  a negative connotation

  • sneer: smile in an unkind way, showing no respect for somebody
  • snigger (British English) / snicker (American English): laugh unkindly at something that is not supposed to be funny
  • laugh in somebody’s face: showing no respect for other people

You can also smile in different ways…

  • smile: by curving your mouth upwards, you show you are friendly or happy.
  • beam: smile very happily.
  • grin: smile widely.

🙂 😀 😉

p.s. who knows the meaning of LOL and ROFL?


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