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what’s new: week 5

A warm welcome to all of you, new and old,

occasional or faithful visitors!

Hope you like it here with us.

Thanks a lot to those of you who have succeeded in overcoming the “ohmygoditsallinenglish” panic of the first weeks, I have really appreciated your comments and hope to find many more in the next days.

After all, this edublog’s for you ;-).

First of all, I hope you have all spent a nice Valentine’s Day, whether you have a sweetheart or you’re single (but as you left no message on the students’ pinboard, I expect you are all single!!! ;-)). I know it’s been a really awful RAINY SUNDAY (still waiting for the TOP TEN list! 😦 ), but today is Monday and we are all enjoying some days off school in order to celebrate “Carnival”.

But what do you know about “Carnival” in the UK? Not much, uh?

If you expect something similar to the way in which Carnival is celebrated in Italy, then you have to wait until next summer, in August, when the Notting Hill Carnival is held in London (follow the link in NETtips reading). That’s a “proper” Carnival, very much like tradition here in Italy, although much more like the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

So how do the “Brits” celebrate these days?

They celebrate PANCAKE DAY, of course!

Have a look at the “festival and traditions” post, and follow the links in the NETtips audio/video: try yourself at doing pancakes , discover what a “pancake race” is and enjoy watching and learning about this peculiar British tradition.

From 13th to 21st February there is also a Viking Festival in York… have a look at the activities for this very unusual festival  in the Jorvik Viking Festival website in NETtips reading 😉

This week you will also learn about a rather unusual personality game, called “bird, horse or muffin?“, have some fun at a few jokes on teachers and learn how to boost your memory (hopefully for better results at your tests).

The vocabulary building activity this week will introduce new English idioms concerning different ways of laughing, while the links in the NETtips will introduce:

FLUENT, an online game for English learners which contains miscellaneous questions on English grammar. It is structured in levels of increasing difficulty, see how much you score!

FACE GAME, another funny and entertaining online game to improve your visual memory

SCIENCE WORDS, a short reference page to the correct pronunciation of some words relating to biology and chemistry

There is some more to come in the next days, so make sure you pop in regularly… and maybe leave a message 😉

teacher b.

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