fun: high technology watch

A man is at Grand Central Station in New York waiting for his train that leaves at 8 p.m. He hasn’t got a watch, so he looks for someone to ask the time. He sees a man, carrying two suitcases, who has got a fabulous high technology watch. He asks him for the time:

“Excuse me, could you tell me the time?”

” Of course, the time in which country?”

“Hey! How many countries have you got on your watch?”

” All the countries in the world!”

” Wow! That’s a really cool watch you’ve got there!”

“That’s nothing, this watch also has a GPS facility, fax, e-mail and can even receive television channels and display them on its miniature active colour pixel LCD screen!”

“Hey, that’s incredible. I wish I had a watch like that one. You are not going to sell it by chance?”

“Well, actually, if you want it, it’s yours for $900. I was thinking of buying another one.”

The man with no watch takes out his cheque book and hands over a check for $900.
The man with the watch takes off his watch and gives it to him.

“Congratulations, here is your new hi-tech watch.” And then, handing also the two suitcases over, he adds “and here are the batteries.


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