zakk introduces the theme of the week

Our musical adventure will carry us very high in the sky, where only gods dwell.

This week´s song is “Time” from the 1973  album entitled “The Dark Side of the Moon“. Is it necessary to say who wrote and played this delightful song?

We´re talking about the divinities of our age, the Pink Floyd!!!

I think they are the most complete band ever: they´re touching, introspective, intelligent, technically perfect, non-conformist… maybe they can fly and I think they´re better than Chuck Norris 😀

Time is one of the few songs written by all the members of the band.

The song starts with the simultaneous rings of about ten alarm clocks. It´s funny because this isn´t an effect that was directly recorded on the track: the alarm clocks were synchronized one after the other and were made to ring together at the same time.

Technically speaking, “Time” is probably not Pink Floyd´s best work. However, “Time” is not a random choice I´ve made among Pink Floyd´s huge discography.

In my opinion it is a perfect song for teenagers because it is about the different ways in which people can consider time.

When we are young we think we have a lot of time, sometimes even too much, but suddenly we realize 10 years have passed, as Pink Floyd sing in the first part of the song. In the second half of the song an old man speaks and says that time is ending. I don´t know if I´m too sensitive,  but every time I hear this line of  the song

the time is gone, the song is over, though I´d something more to say

it gives me the creeps.

These words teach me that we mustn´t waste our time, but we must live every day following our dreams and passions.



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