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quiz of the week: time travellers

If you had a time machine and could travel back (to the past) or forth (to the future) on the line of time, where would you choose to go and why?

… don’t forget to leave a message and let me know (although I think I already know what the choice of SOME of you will be :D)


2 thoughts on “quiz of the week: time travellers

  1. I would go back to the past, to the age of classicism, of the Greek or of the legendary Roman emperors. But also going back to the Middle Ages in France or in England is a great idea. If I could only go forth to the future, I’m sure I would choose to go as far as 2011, to realize the dream of a life…….driving. o.o

  2. First of all I would go back to Beowulf’s times to know him and his enemies 😉 …Then I would go (and stay there for a long time) in the Clubs in the Romantic period,when Pleasure was God and the aim of life was to reach it.

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