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themes and issues: time

There are a few themes which are as interesting as “time”. People, especially “grown-ups” as parents or teachers ( 😉 ), always have something to say about time.. very often it is something like…


There is actually an incredible amount of sayings and proverbs about time…

“There is time and place for everything”

“Time and tide wait for no man”

“Time is a great healer”

“Time is money”

“Time will tell”

“Time is honest”

“Time works wonders”

“Times change and we with time”

Latins used to say “carpe diem“. Or “tempus fugit“.

In English we say “seize the day“, or “time flees“, meaning that one has to use the opportunity to do something that he/she wants without worrying about the future.

What’s your opinion on time?


3 thoughts on “themes and issues: time

  1. We can’t stop time. But we sometimes would like to go back. It isn’t possible but I think that time helps us to solve our problems 🙂 It can be our friend or enemy!

  2. This theme really fascinates me… Teacher B never disappoints us xD

    “Time waits for no one”, as Freddie Mercury used to sing…
    This thing we call “time”, who’d be able to define it? Augustin didn’t manage to, either.

    A very difficult thing to understand: everybody seems to know what “time” is, but when we’re asked to explain it, it suddenly becomes a kind of secret… I mean, time is a secret: it’s hard to conceive how such an inexistent thing could dominate our life… For, actually, time doesn’t exist.

  3. I’d say that time exists differently in each of us… and that each of us experiences/lives it in his/her own way…
    In our culture time is linked with history: it has a beginning, a development and an end, just like a neverending straight line… but curiously enough, for Native Americans time is a circle, with four phases alternating, just like the seasons, and each phase is a preparation for the next. Inside the circle is the eternal present. There is no end. So we have a straight line, and a circle… and what if we consider that Einstein’s concept of time involved curves? 😉

    Anyway, I loved your “time is a secret”… a very intriguing metaphor 🙂
    thanx for your post, Bohemian!

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