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what’s new (6): time

Hi there, guys’n’gals!!!

How’s your English after 6 weeks together on this blog? Improving? I really hope so.

I also hope you had a nice week… any pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? run a Pancake Race with your friends? Uhm, don’t think so… anyway, let’s start this new week with a GRIN (do you remember what it is? 🙂 )… there are some very interesting posts and links for you to enjoy!

TIME is going to be our leading theme this week…

First of all, I have to thank Zakk for his music tip: he has provided this week’s topic and then… well, it’s not a secret that Pink Floyd are my favourite band 😉 (some of you may remember that this blog is named after their song “Learning to Fly”). As for the video of the song “Time” I have chosen the famous Pink Floyd concert in Venice in 1989 – I know, Roger Waters was not in the band anymore, but… have a look at the picture in the NETtip reading link to the concert (the link is in Italian and contains the description of the concert)… imagine the Pink Floyd on a floating stage in the centre of the lagoon in Venice… and imagine yourself on a small boat, in that mesmerised atmosphere… if I could travel on a time machine, well, I think that would be my first journey 😉

You will find plenty of proverbs and learn some more idioms on time, this week… and you will also have to help me to choose the best time quotation 😉

There are some more links you will find this week in the NETtips science section: as we are talking about TIME, I think it could be interesting for you to know something more about the place where TIME BEGINS… in Greenwich, London… you will find some interesting pictures of the Prime Meridian (or Zero Meridian) as is it marked on the ground… I have also come across a very funny – maybe not-so-easy-to-understand – documentary on time travels… and as we are spending this week on “The Dark Side of the Moon” there is also a link on the Moon and its phases.

Skanta_man is back with Fancy Pants 2!!! Carefully read his instructions and start playing… the link is as usual in the NETtips online games.

Thank you Skanta_man! 🙂

I really hope you’ll like this week with us… am still waiting for MORE messages from you all…any suggestions for next week’s topic?

🙂 b.


2 thoughts on “what’s new (6): time

  1. I think it was a beautiful concert because Venice is a city that arises a lot of emotions with its colour and its landscapes, which are wonderful. Ah, i forgot..Pink Floyd are an important part of the Rock History..So… 😀

  2. In these 6 weeks I have learned so much about Chinese Zodiac and Canadians..I think that this edublog is very useful for my English and I can say that I enjoy myself writing about music and bands!!
    But….I’ve to ask a question to everybody who enters the page: do you think you have to pay for your words? 😉 Please add your comments!!!!

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