solutions: last week’s exercise on time idioms

To those of you who have done the exercise on time idioms (good students!!!) here are the solutions:

1. I spent the whole night doing a research for school and then my teacher told me that she didn’t need it. What a waste of time!

2. What do you do in your spare time?

3. I got on the bus a minute before it left. I was just in time.

4. Time after time he forgets my birthday. Every year is the same. He never remembers.

5. I’m never late for work. I always arrive on time.

6. That nightclub is fantastic! I had a whale of a time!

7. ‘My team scored in the nick of time. The game was in the last few seconds.’

8. ‘Please stop writing. You are out of time. The exam has finished.’

9. “It’s high time you got a job!”

10. “She’s having the time of her life at University. She loves it!”

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