themes and issues

themes and issues: war

According to the dictionary, the word “war” can have these possible meanings:

– open armed conflict between two or more countries or between factions within the same country

– any active hostility or struggle

But the meaning of “war” cannot be contained in one single sentence, nor can its true meaning be expressed using just a few words, although there are some very effective one-sentence definitions of war, like General William T. Sherman’s  “War is hell“.

But war is much more complex. It can involve the whole range of feelings from rage and aggression, hate, despair and depression, fear, confusion to even pleasure, satisfaction, excitement.

Many wars were and are fought for power, glory, lust, money, supremacy, religion. A few wars were fought for ideals like freedom.

Some wars were and are right for some people. No war has ever been right and justifiable for others. Some people have opinions which stand in between. Other people are simply not interested, as long as a “war” is something that happens far from them.

Some wars of the past have known heroes and leaders who will not be forgotten. Men who gave their lives for an ideal. But most wars also had silent heroes. They were there, but they were the figures in the background. And lost their life because of someone else’s madness.

Now take some time and think about war. Just think. One more minute . Then, if you feel like doing it, share your opinion on war with us.


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