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friends: vote the quote

Here is what you think about friends. Which quote is your favourite?

I love you, friends“. Alice

Friends are my flag, my team, my world. Jo le Bron

Friends are my life. Andrea DL

A friend is like the air: indispensable. Gio94

A friend can be funny or sad, fat or slim, short or tall; but he loves you. Andrea V.

A friend helps, advises, defends and encourages you when the others avoid or offend you. Francesca C.

Friends make us smile. Luigi94

Friends are simply my life. Alberto

Friends can make you see the light in the dark. Luca M.

Friends are my stars that shine on my dark and difficult life. I love them.               Maria Vittoria

A friend is a very precious person who has a special role in your life. Francesca Co.

Friends are a part of us. Sara

Friends are my pillars, they are always ready to make me smile.                    Crazy girl

Friends are our little world in which we are happy, serene. Friends are like a beautiful sun which shines on our darkest days. Marilena

I can’t be without friends. Corrado

With friends you can share happiness and pain. Gianluca

Friends are special. Luca A.

Friends are like brothers and sisters. Graziano

I imagine friends as stars that light up the dark sky. Friends are the sun of life. Dolores

A friend is a person who knows how to listen to you, who helps you in hard times. Chiara L.

Friends are there in your dark moments. Che

Friends help us grow and we live fantastic experiences which will stay in the suitcase of our memories forever. Silvia 🙂

A friend is the oxygen of life. Mark5

Friends are bright stars in the universe of my heart. Antonella

A friend has got a million ways to make you laugh. Rebecca, Maria Antonietta and Chiara P.

Friends never say “I told you” when you make a mistake. Claretta & Simona

I can’t live without friends. Antonio

If they are true nothing can drive them away, they are your friends  and that’s all. Riccardo

I have many friends, some are fantastic, others less. Gabriele R.

Friends are the strangest things in life… they sometimes turn out to be what you never thought they would be. Ani

There are different types of friends: the ones that will always be there, the ones that you meet for one day and never forget, and the worst type, the false, the ones that betray you. Celeste

Friends can stab you in the back, deceive your confidence unexpectedly,  they kill you. Irene

In my opinion nobody has true friends. Super Mirko

Friends are only passengers in your life… they’ll pass, you’ll have new. Smack94

One thought on “friends: vote the quote

  1. I like Antonella’s message…but I want to add something mine in this page: Friends,in my opinion,are like these chords: Em-G-C-D, they’re so simple but can give us everything we need.

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