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Ryder’s “the knight with two swords”

The Knight with two swords

Hi there…have you already read all of this week’s posts? If not, hurry up. A story of friendship between two brave knights from King Arthur’s court is waiting for you… 🙂

According to the legend one day, during a war meeting in Camelot, a dame arrived at King Arthur’s court. She said that she had been sent by the Lady of the Lake. She carried a sword under her cloak and said that only the bravest spotless knight of good reputation could take it.

Many barons and knights obviously tried to take it at once, but only a knight, Ser Balin from Northumberland, succeeded in doing it. At this point the Lady of the lake appeared in the castle. The Lady of the Lake was the magic creature  who had donated the magic sword Excalibur to King Arthur. To everybody’s surprise, the Lady of the Lake asked for the dame’s and Ser Balin’s heads. She wanted to revenge the death of her lover, and she explained that only one person could have taken that sword: the person who had killed him.

Another twist in the tail… Ser Balin recognized in the Lady of the Lake the wicked witch who had killed his mother!!! So before anybody could do anything, he cut her head off with his new sword.

Of course killing the Lady of the Lake was a terrible crime, so for this murder Balin had to run away and Merlin foretold that from that moment on that sword would cause only hurt and misfortune and that Balin would be called the “knight with two swords”.

Balin’s brother, Ser Balan, however, didn’t want to leave his brother alone and went with him.
In the following years the two brothers lived many adventures. They killed Ser Launceor, the King of Ireland’s son, sent by King Arthur to punish Balin. But when they heard that dame Colombe, Ser Launceor’s lover, had killed herself for the pain, Balin felt very sad for that.

One day the brothers arrived at a castle in which they found one of Balan’s enemies: Ser Pelham.

They decided to fight with a tournament with spears, and Balin jousted with Ser Pelham and killed him.

When this happened Merlin appeared and told Balin that by killing Pelham he had caused an incredible harm and he told him a long story. After Christ had been crucified, Joseph of Aerimatea had sailed to Avalon with the Holy Grail and the spear that had hurt Christ, and had built a little church upon which Pelham, a descendant of Joseph, had later built his castle. By killing Pelham with that spear Balin had caused illnesses, hunger and desperation to the whole land. Balin was feeling desperate at what he had done.

Suddenly the walls of the castle fell down on him and Balin died. Balan loved so much his brother that he decided to follow him. He said to Merlin: “We were born from the same womb, we want die in the same grave” and killed himself. The following day Merlin built a grave for the two brothers.

This is how Balin and Balan’s from Northumberland story ends,

Brave King Arthur’s Knights like them will never be seen again.


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