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The incredible adventures of Tabes (1)

Once upon a time there was a dwarf called Tabes. He was an artisan, and he lived in a little village.

One day he decided to visit the big city of Aden, the capital of the continent in which he lived. Aden was not far from his village, and it was a city full of shops, where many merchants lived.

Every evening in Aden people played the Olympic games, which mainly consisted of fights between warriors. The people in Aden were various: there were ogres, elves, dark elves, humans, wizards.

Tabes wanted to take part in the Olympic games, but the warriors were too powerful. So he learned to summon golems that fought in his place. In this way he managed to win the Olympic games. He later became a good merchant, a rich man and a famous dwarf.


One thought on “The incredible adventures of Tabes (1)

  1. What an awesome story!!! Very good 🙂 ..I’ve not copied your post here Skanta_man, yes, believe me.

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