themes and issues

themes and issues: on friendship

From my point of view trust, honesty and complicity are the necessary ingredients to build a strong friendship. Friendship is very important to teen-agers and it has a large influence on them.

Friends can give us a bad or a good example; in fact, our parents sometimes don’t like our friends, and we simply don’t realize that they only want to protect us.

I think that friendship between a boy and a girl is great! I love my best male friend, Giorgio, and we have had a perfect relationship for three years now. He listens to my vents and he tries to understand my problems. I know that he is always there for me. A glance is enough to understand each other’s emotions.

I also believe in friendship between people who live far away from each other, because feelings don’t depend on dates or messages.

At last, I want to say something about the possible end of a friendship. I know what this means because I lost one of my best friends last summer. And when you are falling down, there isn’t his hand that raises you up again. You’re so depressed that you think he wasn’t a real friend. You miss him, but life doesn’t wait for you!

We won’t come back, the world is calling out.


(“When I’m gone” by Simple Plan)

Francesca P.


2 thoughts on “themes and issues: on friendship

  1. I agree with Francesca. According to me friendship between a girl and a boy is irreplaceable! There’s not jealousy and envy and this friendship is often more sincere than between two girls!

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