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what’s new (8): friendship

My dear students,

I really hope that this week’s edition of OUR edublog will provide the turning point I was waiting for. (A “turning point” is where a road bends, metaphorically speaking “when something new happens”). Because this week YOU are the protagonists and co-authors of this blog, as most of the posts contain YOUR thoughts, ideas, emotions.

And this is exactly how things should be, don’t forget that!

Do you know? I had to think of a new category for some of your writings! I named the new category “a talent for writing”, as this is really what some of you have proved to be, writing talents ;-). Really excellent, I’m very proud of you!

I am also very happy to welcome Ryder among the contributors to this blog. His category, “Ryder’s bits’n’bites“, will contain short stories, curiosities and news from all over the world and from all historical periods. I’m sure you’ll like it. 😀

This week you’ll also find some very interesting links:

– Skanta_man came across two nice links to websites on more poems and quotes on friendship, and hopes you will like them

– Ryder on the other hand came across a very sweet’n’funny cartoon on friendship, you really must watch it (remember, just as we do in class with listening comprehensions, “three is the magic number” to understand something 😉 )!!!

– the link to the video of one of my favourite songs on friendship (Zakk agreed on going on a one-week blog holiday 😉 ) which I hope you will like as I do

– as a result of a long internet search, I think I’ve found a reliable website where you can look for English-speaking penfriends. You can either apply or look for one. (If you think you can’t do it on your own just tell me: we can organize a lesson in the language lab so that I can help you)

I really feel a happy and proud teacher this week… thanks to you all



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