Great song of indifference, Bob Geldof

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”

is there anybody who remembers these words? I’m sure that a middle aged Irish man remembers everything about those words.. in 1979 in fact he was acting in such a strange film!! His character was called “Pink” and the film was “The Wall”…. It was Sir Robert Frederick Zenonbetter known as Bob Geldof.

I think this description is sufficient because  Bob Geldof, in my opinion, can’t be described with other words or epic stories about his life.  We can learn what he did and what he continues to do for the world only listening to his songs.

He is a musician but  his career was outshadowed by his other way to be great. I’m talking about his active role in the fight against the food and health problems in Africa, which he tried to help fighting organizing important musical events like the “Live Aid” or the most recent “Live 8”, in which he succeeded in bringing together the most important musicians and rock bands of the world in order to raise money to help people in Africa.

Reading the lyrics of his songs we can understand something more about his personality and way of thinking. I love his lyrics because he manages to convey so many emotions with his words.

A song I love is “Great song of indifference” that refers to our indifference for other people.. He thought that this loveless way of thinking will kill our soul and I agree with him…every stanza of the song ends with these words:” And I don’t mind at all” I think this is very expressive and sad and this stanza could hit everybody:

“I don’t care if the Third World fries
It’s hotter there I’m not surprised
Baby I can watch whole nations die
And I don’t care at all”

Bob Geldof has worked with musicians as Bon Jovi, R.e.m., Michael Jackson…I think one of his heroic actions was to re-unite Pink Floyd for their last show on Live 8!! Sir Bob also worked with his fellow countrymen, the fabulous U2

🙂 Zakk

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