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Leprechauns and “scazzamurieddhi”

Did you know that we have something else in common with Ireland?

Have you ever heard about “scazzamurieddhu”? It’s got different names  in the different towns in Salento, but its presence can be traced nearly everywhere. It’s a mythical creature, a sort of goblin, that is famous for the tricks he plays on humans. He has many things in common with the leprechaun: he’s very small, very intelligent and, of course, very tricky. He knows where big treasures are hidden (people in Salento call these treasures “acchiatura”) but he usually plays tricks on humans, never revealing where the treasure is hidden!!!


3 thoughts on “Leprechauns and “scazzamurieddhi”

  1. Oh yes! I “know” it. Once I slept with my friends and we talked about him before we fell asleep. We were so frightened that we couldn’t sleep that night 😀

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