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More bits’n’bites on Ireland

Ireland, in particular the Isle of Man, is dominated by Celtic tradition. The Celts were a population that appeared in Britain and Ireland around 7th century b.C. In 4th century b.C. they had spread in all Europe, called in different ways (for example the Romans called them “Galli”). They worshipped the elements and their priests were called druids. Do you remember the famous cartoon, “Asterix and Obelix”? We can consider them as  their great-grandsons, and the figure of “Panoramix” as a Celtic druid.

Celtic Inventions

Did you know that it is thanks to the Celts if we wear trousers and t-shirts?? They introduced woollen pants and t-shirts in Europe, probably without them we would still be wearing Roman and Greek togas, skirts and sandals.

Obelix? He would have had to pay a penalty!!!

Yes, it’s true. Because among the Celts if a person was overweight he  had to pay a penalty and he wasn’t allowed to fight.


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