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The incredible adventures of Tabes

Tabes and the pot of gold

According to the legend, leprechauns hide their gold in a pot at the end of a rainbow. Tabes the dwarf wanted to steal the pot of gold but this was impossible because the only way to do it was to find a leprechaun and, as everybody knows, that is very difficult. But Tabes is very very cunning and tricky. So he said to everybody that the pot of gold had been stolen and all leprechauns of Ireland went to check if this was true. Tabes pursued them and he finally found the pot of gold; he stole it and he run away very quickly. In the pot there were a lot of coins and a four-leaved clover, but Tabes thought that the clover was useless and put it in his pocket.

At night he went to hide in a forest because a price had been set on his head by the leprechauns and he didn’t want to be found.

The next morning however he was captured by the leprechauns and was forced to return the pot.

In short, Tabes  was left without the gold but he still had the clover, and from this moment on there will be a series of lucky events for Tabes 😉 …


Skanta_man and Giuseppe C.


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