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Flowers quiz

The shamrock, as we have seen, is the national emblem of Ireland.

But what are the flowers that are the national emblems of England, Wales and Scotland?


6 thoughts on “Flowers quiz

  1. The thistle is the emblem of Scotland because during the Danish Invasion, Scottish soldiers were woken up by the screams of pain caused by the thorns of this flower

  2. The rose is the emblem of England and it was brought there by Henry III’s bride. There also was the war of the roses between the red rose (Lancaster’s emblem) and the white rose (York’s emblem).

  3. The daffodil, which is worn on St. David’s day, is the emblem of Wales. But we can also consider the leek as a Welsh emblem because the Welsh wore it during the battle against the Saxons to be distinguished from the foe by St. David.

    • Yes, Sara, you’re perfectly right!
      I think I have to apologize for having forgotten that St. David is on 1st March… oops! 😉
      I’m not very good at remembering dates, I’m sorry.
      Maybe next year…

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