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what’s new (10): welcome spring

An English proverb says:

“Spring hasn’t arrived unless you can place your foot on 3 daisies”

Actually, I don’t like going round stomping daisies, but I think I have already  seen more than three, therefore it must be spring ;-).

So, my dear students of the English language, I guess you will have to put up again with my love for myths this week, I’m afraid 😀

But I hope the posts on the Spring Goddesses and the myth of the Green Man  will capture your attention, as well as your imagination!

This week you will also find some spring-related links, or better, flower-related links 😉 :  an online personality test, a video to learn how to make a balloon flower, an online game to give vent to your creativity and draw new kinds of flowers 😉

There are also some very short quizzes for you to answer and there’s a new suggestion for creative writing which I hope you will consider seriously.

Long live the Green Man!

teacher b. 🙂


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