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The Legend of the Easter Bunny

When I was a child (uuh, such a loong time ago!) my mum would call me and my brothers on Easter Sunday and tell us that it was time to go out in the garden and look for the eggs that the Easter Bunny had left there for us. Each of us received a small basket and we went out in search of the Easter eggs. They could be everywhere… under some leaves, on the first branches of a tree (rabbits couldn’t jump very high). Every time we found one we shouted out loud “I found one!” and then continued our hunt for new eggs. 😉

Have you ever heard about this tradition? How do you exchange Easter eggs on Easter Sunday?

Continue reading to find out about the legend of the Easter Bunny in northern Europe…

As you probably remember from last week, Oestre was the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring and Fertility. You may also remember that rabbits were sacred to her. Well, according to the legend…

…there was a small rabbit who wanted to give a gift to his goddess, but he didn’t know what he could give her. One day he found an egg, which in those days was considered to be very precious. The little rabbit was very hungry, and wanted to eat the egg, but then he thought that the egg could be a wonderful gift for his goddess. He only had to make this egg look really beautiful, as beautiful as his goddess was. But how? The little rabbit took the egg home and started to decorate it with the colours of spring. When he finished he went to Oestre and offered her the decorated egg. Oestre was really touched by the rabbit’s gift and by the way in which he had decorated it for her, and decided that everyone from that moment on, especially children, should have decorated eggs as a present during that day. So since that day rabbits, called Easter Bunnies, deliver decorated eggs to the children throughout the world on Easter Day.

If you have little brothers or sisters, why don’t you surprise them with a “Easter egg hunt” in the garden, or courtyard, on Easter Sunday?


2 thoughts on “The Legend of the Easter Bunny

  1. I’ve heard about this tradition because my teacher at Primary school told me about the Easter Bunny and the baskets with Easter eggs and I used to sing a song about this… Every year the same things at Easter time! But only now I know where this tradition of decorated eggs comes from 🙂 But I exchange chocolate eggs because I like them very much!

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