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Very special easter eggs

Do you know what an easter egg is for a computer programmer?

No, nothing to do with chocolate or bunnies… an easter egg is a sort of a surprise message, or a joke, harmless for your PC, that computer experts “hide” in the programmes they create. It’s something similar to the hidden tracks that musicians sometimes hide in their CDs.

There are lots’n’lots of them, in most computer programmes.

Some of them are really very funny and entertaining.

Have you got Mozilla Firefox? Then type about:robots in the search bar, press Enter and see what happens.

Haven’t got Firefox? Don’t worry, there’s Google!!!

Did you know that there is a REAL flight simulator hidden in “Google Earth”? However, we will try to keep to simple things…there are a few easter eggs that you can discover right now 😉

For example, type google loco in Google search bar and click on the I’m feeling lucky button. What happens? 😉

If you liked it, let’s go on… try typing google gothic and click again on the I’m feeling lucky button… how does the page change? What happens to the sentence “I’m feeling lucky”?

Having fun? Remember to click on the I’m feelin’ lucky button and type elgooG… 😉

Let’s also give google black a try…

Now, see what Google answers if you type in the sentence find Chuck Norris (always press I’m feeling lucky) … 🙂

And for those of you who expected real easter eggs and the Easter Bunny, just type in google easter eggs… and have fun helping the bunny collect all the eggs 😉


2 thoughts on “Very special easter eggs

  1. Why does nothing happen when I type: “about:robot”? And where is the flight simulator in google earth?

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