did you know?

Famous April Fools’ Day hoaxes

In addition to jokes played on  friends and family, there are also some famous jokes played by the media (radio, TV, newspapers).

Did you know that in the last years…

– an American newspaper contained an article that said that in Alabama people had voted to change the value of the mathematical constant pi (“pi greco”)?

– the BBC broadcast a documentary in which they presented Spaghetti trees, and even showed people that picked spaghetti from the trees? Curiously enough,  many people contacted the BBC asking  how to cultivate  spaghetti trees ;-).

– Burger King (similar to McDonald’s) said they had created a burger specifically designed for left-handed people (and that many people asked for it)?

– some years ago the BBC broadcast another documentary on a new technology that made possible the transmission of odours as well as images on TV?

– TV in Holland spread the news that the Tower of Pisa had fallen?

– a radio programme announced that U2 were having a surprise concert on the roof of a shopping centre in Blackpool?

So you’d better look out for April Fools’ Hoaxes. If you hear/read any today, please report to us 😉

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