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Easter traditions: hot cross buns and cuddhrura

Hot cross buns are small sweet breadrolls containing raisins and sometimes chopped candied fruit. hot cross bunsThey are called this way because before putting them in the oven a cross, the symbol of Christ, is cut on top of the bun. The cross is  later filled with icing sugar. They were originally prepared on the Friday before Easter, called Good Friday, but now they can be found throughout the Easter period.

If you think of a traditional type of sweet bread made for Easter in Salento, what comes first to your mind?

Yes, you’re right. We call it “cuddhrura” (I guess English people would have some problems in pronouncing this word correctly!!!).
This sweet bread, whose shape can represent different things (a basket, a puppet, a doll, a heart, etc. ),  “entraps” an egg (symbol of fertility)  by means of stripes of dough. It was traditionally given as a present by young girls to their future husbands on Easter Day or Easter Monday.


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