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How to: moonwalk

When you prowl, you walk very slowly, nearly tiptoeing, because you are involved in a criminal activity and do not want to be discovered…

But there’s another way to describe the way a criminal, especially a Smooth Criminal walks, or better, dances…;-)

Yes, you’re right! MOONWALKING!!!

We’re talking of course about a dance step which has been made world famous by that incredible dancer that Michael Jackson was.

I must say that even if I have never been one of his fans, I always have to stop in front of the TV if there is one of his videos on, just to watch him move and dance. The way he dances really fascinates me, and the rhythm of his songs is always captivating. You just FEEL LIKE dancing, although you soon realize you can’t! 😉

Anyway… why don’t we all have a try at learning his “moonwalk”?

Follow the link in NETtips audio/video: how to MOONWALK and have fun!

pssst… don’t forget to let me know! 😉


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