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Greenpeace and the Hopi prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb

Greenpeace, originally born as a peace movement and anti-nuclear protest in the 1970s, is an organization that is directly involved in protecting  the environment “in all its diversity”. Greenpeace  issues  are global warming, deforestation, commercial whaling, toxic waste and nuclear power.

Greenpeace most famous campaign is the “save the whale” project, which has seen activists directly confront Japanese whaling ships while trying to protect whales and stop whale hunting. Greenpeace activists are also widely known for their struggle to stop nuclear experiments. Known for its direct action policy, Greenpeace became internationally famous in the 80’s in their attempt to stop French nuclear experiments in Polynesia. In that occasion the French intelligence agency tried to stop Greenpeace action bombing the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace flagship. An activist was killed.

The name that Greenpeace has chosen for its flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, is taken from the prophecy of an American Indian tribe, the Hopi. Why don’t you watch the video and learn more about it?

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