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Sally says…

Hi, I’m Sally! I’ve been dropping into the blog from time to time for a few weeks but only to have a ‘sticky beak’ (look) until now.

Earth Day is a fairly good reason to get motivated to write so I’m glad to be able to make a contribution to the blog on this topic.

I’ve been living in Salento for about five and a half years and I love it here, especially during the summer. I love the seaside, nature and the open air. The only thing I really HATE is the nonchalance regarding the environment here. I get very angry, for instance, when I go to the beach during the summer and I notice rubbish and cigarette butts littering the shores and the parks.


There are lots of things which we as individuals can do to improve the environment and it’s a theme I’d like to develop with my contribution to the blog.


2 thoughts on “Sally says…

  1. Hi Sally! I agree with you..There are some wonderful places in Salento but unfortunately we often don’t respect the environment..I hope that each of us will reflect on this topic today and change his/her behavior!

    Francesca C.

  2. Hi Sally! This is a very wonderful surprise! I agree with you, too; but I sometimes floor my handkerchieves. I know this isn’t correct and I’m going to improve my behaviour!

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