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let’s eco-write!

If you are a budding artist / activist, why not try your hand at writing a few lines of ‘green’ poetry?

It could become the basis for a song or a performance like those of the artists who worked with Philly Streets Department.

Graphic poetry may also be an interesting medium to explore. Poetic devices such as onomatopoeia could be expressive features for a poem about the enviroment.

Try brainstorming some words associated with the enviroment and then using those words as the basis for your creation!

… and of course don’t forget to let us know!!! 😉

Sally & teacher b. 😉

5 thoughts on “let’s eco-write!

  1. I think it can’t be a poem… But these are some lines that are the mirror of my thoughts…
    ” If you want a great future,
    without dark clouds following you
    and if you want to be touched
    by clear, light, fresh rain again,
    you only will have to respect Mother Nature,
    and surely she’ll show you her most beautiful wonders
    that are hidden by your carelessness…”

    • I think it’s really good, Sara! Have you already had a look at the videos in the post “UnLitter Us”?
      Why don’t you try to say your poem aloud, on your own at home first 😉 ? Think of a rhythm to go with it..
      I’m sure Mother Nature will carefully listen to it and love it…
      Thanks Sara 🙂

  2. Why don’t you think what you wrote is a poem? What does a poem need to be a poem?

    I think it’s wonderful! It’s provoked a strong visual image for me… I wonder if it’s the same picture shared by others reading the poem?

  3. Thanks 🙂 Surely I will try to think of a rhythm for it… I think it isn’t a poem because it hasn’t got a precise poem structure but I’m really happy if it’s very strong from the point of view of meaning 🙂

    • Poems can have a formal structure or they may be more free in structure… like free verse for example or graphic poetry or lots of other types which don’t conform with classical forms.

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