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St. George in Salento

Did you know that St. George is also the patron saint of a town here in Salento?

The name of the town is Bagnolo del Salento.

The column in the centre of the town square, which holds a statue of St. George in the act of killing the dragon, was erected  to remember an incredible event happened on 30th August 1838 during a mass service in church. A terrible storm had broken out and lightning had started to hit the church, damaging it. People told they saw a “tongue of fire” enter the church and move toward St. George’s wooden statue inside. Without touching the people gathered there, the lightning went straight into St. George’s arms, breaking one of them.

After this episode another statue was built which was put on the column in the centre of the main square of the town.

People in Bagnolo celebrate their patron saint, as all the other towns in Salento,  with a procession followed at night by fireworks.


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