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St. George’s Day

23rd April is St. George’s Day. Just like St. Patrick for Ireland, St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem is a red cross on a white background and it is both the flag of England and part of the UK flag, as well as the White Ensign of the Royal Navy.

The figure of St. George is very interesting. He is also called the “defender of all in need”. He is said to be the patron of soldiers, chivalry, farmers and field workers, Boy Scouts, butchers, horses, riders and saddlers and people who suffer from leprosy, plague and syphilis. He is also the patron saint of archers.

How can we celebrate St. George’s Day?

No green dye is necessary, as for St. Patrick’s day… 😉

But we can wear a red rose, the symbol for England . And we can continue reading  and learn about the legend of St. George and the Dragon…


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