did you know?

The lighter side of “brown” energy

Did you know that every one of us, in all his life, produces about six tons of POO? But it isn’t just “poo”. Recently some Chinese and American scientists have discovered  that our excrements can have useful properties!!

A Chinese, for example, claims he extracts proteins from excrements and…… creates steaks!!! If you want to taste them, I can give you the address of his restaurant.

If we divide excrements in their main components, water (75 %) and organic rejections (25%), we can fertilize our fields in the best possible way, how many of you surely know, and besides dividing excrements, the organic part can be used to produce energy. Japanese scientists and engineers in fact extract biofuel from excrements that feeds turbines.

We also produce  1,5 litres of flatulences every day. Did you know that an English actor, Mr Methane, organizes pyrotechnic shows with his farts? At least he’s found a way to recycle them! 😉

Wishing to you all the best of digestions!



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