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The Great White Shark

Hey guys! How are you? Today I want to tell you something about my favourite animal: the Great White Shark!  If you want to know how this passion of mine started, I will tell you: when I was 6, I saw by chance the photo of the open mouth of a shark on TV. I was traumatized and since that day I have loved sharks, especially the Great White Shark, madly!

The Great White Shark, or simply “THE GREAT WHITE”, is the biggest of carnivorous sharks, but NOT the most dangerous for humans! In fact the most dangerous species of sharks is the Shark of Zambesi. However I can’t deny the “Great White” danger. 😦

But there is a man, Michael Rutzel, that is trying to show to people that Great Whites attack people only because they mistake humans for fish.   He has studied for years the body language of Great Whites, and now he “understands” sharks and can “communicate” with them.

For example he learnt that:

1- If you are in a vertical position sharks see you bigger than you are

2- If a shark comes to attack you and you move your body aggressively towards him, he “understands” that you are saying “Hey, go away!”

But he is nevertheless the “king of the sea”, and if he is ANGRY (not HUNGRY!) I think that you wouldn’t have many possibilities to save yourself.

Here is an interesting video 😉

Also the Great White Shark is an endangered species, especially from 1987 with the advent of game fishing, and because the market of fins of shark is growing  in China and Japan, their traditional food being the soup of shark fins. Fins are a luxury food, but also a few other parts of a shark are now very required: shark fins can cost even 50,000 dollars!  Besides it is said, but it is not completely verified, that the cartilage of a shark has anti-cancer properties. This increases the pharmaceutical market of sharks.

Statistics of WWF say that only about 3.500 Great White Sharks are alive, the top of the sea food chain. If they disappear, the consequences will be very serious for all the marine ecosystem, and probably in the future for all of us.

We have to stop this massacre!


3 thoughts on “The Great White Shark

  1. Michael was very courageous to face that Great White Shark and it’s incredible how he can communicate with him… They are friends! Surely he’s an expert and we must believe him… But how many normal people are there that can be calm in front of a very big shark and even move towards him???

  2. Surely I agree with you Sara. It’s impossible, i think, to be calm in front of the Great White. I think it’s impossible only to imagine this kind of situation. The problem is that moving violently, because of terror, we incite the shark to attack, because he perceives movements as the presence of the prey.
    However it is my dream, to meet a great white, possibly in safety conditions and then, with the experience, like Michael!

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