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Famous roads: Abbey Road

Probably one of the most famous addresses in London is 3 Abbey Road, City of Westminster.

It is the home of the former EMI music company studios, later named “Abbey Road Studios”.

Abbey road and its studios are closely connected to the Beatles, because it is precisely THERE that the Fab Four recorded most of their albums. “Abbey Road” is also the name of one of their albums, whose cover presents the world famous picture of the Fab Four crossing the zebra pedestrian crossing just outside the studios.

Needless to say, that crossing became a “must walk on” for all the Beatles fans visiting London since then.  Also the Red Hot Chili Peppers had their picture taken while walking on the zebra crossing in Abbey Road for their Abbey Road E.P.. But in their picture cover they were all naked except for their socks!!!

And The Simpsons, of course! 😉

Nowadays the crossing has been moved from its original place (it is now a bit more to the east on the road), you can have a look at it right now, just click HERE.

Did you know that Abbey Road Studios is also the place where the Pink Floyd recorded their first albums (in particular The Dark Side of the Moon)?


One thought on “Famous roads: Abbey Road

  1. About that cover there are thousand of stories and legends…some think that the car that’s moving towards Mc Cartney in the picture is an indication for something strange…… 😉

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