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I’ve been thinking about roads recently. Roads have always fascinated me. They have such an incredible metaphorical potential in themselves. Thought of in this perspective, a road is then not only the way to get from one point to another, let’s say, from A to B.

A road always means something more, and usually something different to each of us.

It is a way to get into things, or to escape from them. The road can be freedom. The symbol of the future. The road reassures. Because its promise is the unexpected, that turn that can bring what we may be waiting for. Or maybe not.  The road may be waiting for the next turn. And for the next. And the next one. A road may be learning to wait.

Roads may have different colours, and different sizes.  There are big roads, and small roads. They cross each other. Some roads grow with us. Some get smaller day after day, until they disappear. Some roads we will never walk on.

Roads connect. Roads link. Roads intersect. Roads lead to. Roads wind. They also turn. Or U-turn. Roads take you there, where you want to. Sometimes they do take you there, but you didn’t want them to and it’s too late to go back. So you have to go on.

Roads are planned, drawn, built, repaired, named and re-named. Roads are memories of the past. Roads are named so as to remind us of  important historical events, or of people the world doesn’t want us to forget (although the world very often hypocritically does).

Roads confuse. Roads make you lose yourself. Roads are too many for one life only. Or too few. Either way, they’re never enough.

Roads give way to roads. Some roads turn out to be dead ends. Most roads, eventually, end.

My dear students of the English language, here’s this week’s theme… don’t know where it’s going to take us in the end (can’t see where this road bends 😉 )… but trust me a little bit more… I’ll do my best not to disappoint you 🙂



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