a talent for writing

Sascha and Brown

Remember Sascha and the kangaroo? Sara has just sent her story… hope it’s not the only one… 😉

Sascha is a six-year-old child. He is friendly and nice but he´s also a bit crafty, like almost every child. He is short and very slim, his face is like a small ball, his lips are very thin; he has short brown hair and dark eyes, that express the desire of exploring and knowing new things. He is from England but he has been on holiday in Western Australia with his family for a week. He is really having a great time with the kangaroos, nice animals typical in Australia. In particular he has made friends with a kangaroo called Brown because of his colour, which is different from the grey kangaroos that usually live in Western Australia. The kangaroos are usually shy and retiring from men, but Brown and Sascha are very happy together because they play and enjoy themselves a lot! During one of their exploring games, they went to a grassland and they saw a very awful scene: two poachers were trying to kill a baby koala, that is largely hunted for its fur. The two men were going to shoot when Brown, taking Sascha on  his back, started to run toward them: he used his forepaws to punch and grapple them and his hind leg to kick, until the poachers quickly scarpered. The poor koala was terrified but Sascha and Brown jumped on the tree to save it.

This experience was so upsetting for Sascha that on that evening he informed his parents that  he would take Brown and the baby koala with him to England!



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