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Streetwise in London

Apart from Abbey Road and Denmark Street, both linked with music, there are many other famous streets in London, which you may find useful to know (just in case you’re planning to go to London this summer…lucky you! 🙂 )

Central London famous streets are Bond Street, Carnaby Street, Oxford Street, Piccadilly, Regent Street (they’re all famous shopping streets), Downing Street (remember who lives at n° 10?), Fleet Street (where many national newspapers have their editorial offices), Millionaires’ Row (the nickname for Kensington Palace Gardens, a street with houses belonging to rich people), Pall Mall (famous for its many clubs), Park Lane (famous for its top-class hotels), Petticoat Lane (also known as Middlesex Street, where a weekly market is held every Sunday morning), Portobello Road (famous for its daily market, especially the one held on Saturday, with lots of second-hand objects), Shaftesbury Avenue (famous for its many theatres and cinemas), the Strand (theatres, high-class shops and hotels), Tottenham Court Road (famous for its shops selling Tv, radio, video and computer equipment).

Of course, the list is not complete. There are many other streets that you may find interesting, for one reason or another. Take  Baker Street for example: do you know what fictional  character lived at number 221B, Baker Street?

Do you remember any other famous London street that has been quoted in other novels or films?

Privet Drive for instance? 😉

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