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The Dream Catcher

The Native American Dream Catcher is an object that can nowadays be found on stalls at most fairs. But despite its being very common, it has never lost its fascinating meaning. Very likely all of you have seen a dream catcher, though you may not know about its origin.

Native American Indians believed that the night is full of good and bad dreams, which float through the air until they reach a person who is sleeping.

The dream catcher is made to be hung above someone who is sleeping, in order to protect him/her against bad dreams. How is this possible? you will ask. 😉

It’s simple: the Dream Catcher lets good dreams pass through its net and slide down its feathers on the person sleeping, while it captures bad dreams in its net until the morning, when the sun will melt the dream away.

How to make a dream catcher

Learn how to make a dream catcher. It’s a bit elaborate, but worth the effort!!!

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