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The “royal road to the unconscious”: dreaming

Dreaming is probably the most  fascinating experience we have. It is fascinating because it borders another dimension, seemingly in another time, far away from us, yet still so close. If you want to imagine a parallel universe, just  think of a dream you had. Isn’t it an appropriate example?

Surely what makes dreams such an interesting topic is first of all the mystery surrounding them.   This is because we still do not know exactly what they are, and why we dream. In addition to this, just to complicate things a bit further ;-), dreams have a language of their own, which is highly symbolic. Our dreams in fact most of the times mirror something that has happened to us, recreating for example a psychological important event, but we usually do not recognize it as the language in which it has been translated is different from any language that we may know.

Understanding dreams is therefore an activity very much like reading a poem. It is a world of imagination in which images, sounds, colours, shapes, music can make us aware of aspects of our personality that we didn’t know.

What are you saying? You don’t dream?

That’s impossible!  Scientists say that “all of us dream”, but that we forget our dreams within the first five minutes after waking up. So when we say “I don’t dream” it’s only because we have forgotten our dreams. We actually dream at least from one or two hours every night, having from four to seven dreams!

This week we will explore some aspects of this parallel world. Hope you’ll like it and join in ALL the activities I have been thinking of for you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The “royal road to the unconscious”: dreaming

  1. Hi!
    I finally made it!!!
    I really enjoy visiting your blog because I find everything on here amusing, but unfortunately I never find a bit of time to come and have a quick look.
    Anyway, I promise to come and visit more often now school is finishing (I can’t wait!) 😛
    Bye 🙂

    • Hi Any, I’m really happy you’ve made it… it’s really been a long long time, there’s plenty of old stuff for you to discover in the next months. 🙂
      I really hope you also find the time to join in the creative writing activities some of the other students have been carrying out in the last months…
      welcome back then 😉

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