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Dreams are wiser than men

“Let us learn to dream, gentlemen,

and then we may perhaps find the truth.”

Frederich Kekule

American Indians said that “dreams are wiser than men”, meaning that very often dreams can hold or conceal truths that men are not able to see on their own.

You surely have heard of some premonitions contained in dreams, but did you know that many artists and scientists have received their creative ideas or the solutions to their problems from dreams they had?

Read the following posts and let us know if you have heard of other famous dreams…

Do you believe in premonitions? 😉

2 thoughts on “Dreams are wiser than men

  1. I think that it’s necessary to talk about FREUD and his interpretation of dreams. According to him, each of us uses dreams to remove the worst experiences of our life when they’re too hard to be stood. So dreams are useful to understand our unconscious.
    I think Freud’s theories are very interesting, but they are so much beyond reality that they seem irrational!
    I remember studying the artistic movement linked to Freud, Surrealism, which is based on the unconscious that “clears” our “worried” selves during dreams. One of its most important exponents was Salvador Dalì.

  2. I don’t believe in premonitions because I think that our dreams are closely linked to our thoughts and worries. So I believe that dreams are not the solutions to our problems that we can discover while we’re sleeping, but simply the representations of our thoughts and problem solutions that are clearer if they are presented through an image or through a situation we dream of that is very similar to the problem.

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