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Sascha and the kangaroo

Here’s another story about Sascha and the kangaroo!!!

Sascha is a child who lives in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania. He is two years old -too young- but he has a lot of special abilities. One of these is to understand animal languages. Probably he can do it because children and cubs speak in a similar way at their age, with sounds and sometimes with noises or body movements. In fact Sascha has a very special friend, a six-month-old baby female kangaroo.
They’ve been friends since Sascha learned to walk. They’ve met for the first time because the child stumbled into the long tail of the kangaroo while he was having a picnic with his parents in a natural park. The little cub had just lost her mother during a run to save herself from other bad, wild animals when Sascha found her; she had a very strong character and for this reason the child decided to call her Hope. At first, Sascha’s parents were terrified about this friendship, but then they understood the “power” of their son and now the two cubs can play and have fun together. Sascha jumps on Hope’s back and they go around for new experiences and to discover the Tasmanian natural wonders.
On a wonderful and sunny day, while they were following a lot of colourful butterflies and trying to catch them, the little boy stopped catching as soon as he saw a big red kangaroo -she was Hope’s mother- running towards them. She was there to recover her cub and to take it with her, away from Sascha forever. At first, Hope didn’t recognize the red kangaroo, but then she was very happy to see her mum and to return to play with her. But Sascha was very sad for this situation because he didn’t want to lose his friend and, at the same time, Hope didn’t know what to do because both were important for her: staying with her friend and going back to her family.
At the end, Hope decided to go away with her mother but she promised that sometimes she would return to play with Sascha, who had to accept this choice to make his play-mate happy.
Three months later, while the child was alone and bored on the swing in his garden, he saw a lively red spot coming to him, getting bigger and bigger… until it formed into the shape of a kangaroo… It was Hope! She had grown and Sascha was very happy to see his friend again. But, a little bit later, he noticed other four red kangaroos behind the trees: Hope’s mom and dad and her two little brothers. Sascha was a bit worried because he believed that they were there to give him their last farewell, but Hope reassured him and she also said to her friend that they were there to stay and to have fun, all together. What a joy for Sascha! He started crying for happiness!
Now they live happily together and Sascha has also given a name to Hope’s two brothers, Nat and Fer and they play together everyday.

psst… as a teacher I must say that I am very happy and proud to have students like my two Sara’s… incredibly well done, girls! Thanks a lot 🙂


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