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Main symbols in dreams: common dreams

There are dreams that  people of different  backgrounds, countries, experiences and ages share, in the sense that there are some recurring themes in the dreams each of us can dream throughout his/her life. As some of us may have similar experiences during their waking, so we also may have while dreaming. So what are the most recurring themes in the dreams that most of the people seem to share?

Dreaming of being naked, for example. Or of being chased. Or that you have lost or are losing your teeth!  Or you may have dreamt of flying, falling… or of taking an exam! Personally I must say that I remember having dreamt of being chased, of flying and probably of taking an exam… but I hardly ever remember my dreams! 🙂 So let’s start with some “interpretation” work…

As for dreaming of being naked, the most obvious association we can make is that when someone is naked he can’t hide anything about himself/herself. So this type of dream directly points at a person’s vulnerability: the person shows he/she is defenceless, exposed to people’s judgement and (very likely) to their criticism, whether  referring to a public or to a private situation the person has experienced.

Chasing dreams on the other hand (dreams in which someone is chasing you and you run and run and run to escape!) are representations of an instinctive reaction to a threat (=minaccia). The threat can be a person we know well (maybe one of our parents, or a teacher! 🙂 ), an unknown person, an animal, or a monster. We may feel guilty for something that we have done, we may simply want to avoid facing a problem, or we may feel unjustly persecuted. In all of these situations, the key to a correct interpretation is the person who is chasing you… as sometimes it can also represent an aspect of yourself! 😉

Losing teeth is probably one of the worst dreams to have. I can imagine the bad sensation when waking up after such a dream!

You may dream of losing one tooth only, or all of them. Teeth may represent the fear that we have of being not attractive enough for other people. At the same time, they can also be a strong symbol for power – think of the action of biting, for example – so their loss may also represent a feeling of inferiority that you should try to overcome.

Ever dreamt of flying? 🙂 A fantastic sensation of freedom indeed! If you’re flying high this may mean that you are in control of a situation, you are talented and successful. Reversely, if you are flying but are afraid of it, or are afraid of heights, this may mean that you are afraid of challenges and success.

Falling dreams on the other hand represent the feeling of being NOT in control of a situation, and consequently are linked with anxiety and insecurity. There may be something in your real life that is worrying you, or a situation for which you feel inadequate or inferior.

Taking an exam is in my opinion the dream most of you students share, although I can also assure you that even grown-ups like your ooooooooold teacher b. every now and then can have a dream of this kind. 😉

The meaning is more than obvious… dreaming of taking an exam actually means that, in a way or another, you ARE being put to test… any test, of any kind. Again, this dream is more recurrent in situations of stress and anxiety, and has a lot to do with how you see yourself. If the level of self-esteem is low in a particular moment of your life, then this may probably lead to  a dream of this type. There is probably someone in that particular moment of your life who is judging you, maybe pointing at some aspect of your personality that you have neglected. As with the chasing dream, also in this type of dreams one of the keys to a correct interpretation may be the person who is testing you, as well as the type of test you are taking!  😉

So why don’t you tell us about some of your dreams? Do you have recurring dreams? Are your dreams sooooooooo complicated that you could write a post and send it to me to see it published? 😉

9 thoughts on “Main symbols in dreams: common dreams

  1. I usually forget my dreams so in the morning I say that I haven’t dreamt at night… But I agree with the meaning of falling dreams. In fact many times I had this type of dream – I can’t forget it! – and I can say that I’m a very insecure girl and I feel inferior and inadequate in a lot of situations… So the meaning is right compared with my personality…

    • Oh, one day you will, I know that… some things take some time, others a bit more… there’s already a great difference from last year, haven’t you noticed it? 😉

  2. Yes, that’s for sure! Last year it was very difficult for me to speak.. And now it’s better 🙂

  3. I think my dreams aren’t very complicated..i often dream of flying, but i always have the feeling of emptiness in my stomach, as when i go on rides! I usually fly in dreams because i throw myself from a high building, but i’m always able not to fall. Do i fear of flying in my life, too? :<

    • If in your dreams you jump from a high building on purpose, well, this could mean that you deliberately like to put yourself to test in various situations in life. And as you never fall to the ground and hurt yourself, this means you’re doing very well! 😉

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